Naya Puntsag


I developed a strong interest in education during my time at UVU and being able to see how education can transform lives.  I grew up in Mongolia and have greatly appreciated the opportunities for education in the United States. I had the opportunity to develop management and organizational skills during my service as an international student council member and as its service coordinator while I was at Utah Valley University.  During my accounting degree training at UVU, I worked with an accounting professor and assisted in his research about US Government Accountability. After graduation, I was the first sales representative of Vitsamo Fruit Juice Company for three years. I was in charge of outside sales including responsibilities for product information, sales orders, delivery, and outside transactions.  I am confident that my previous skills and experiences can make a significant, positive contribution to Franklin Discovery. I'm now pursuing a second bachelor’s degree majoring in management at Columbia College. After completing that degree in December, I plan to pursue an MBA.

Qualifications: BS in Accounting, BS in Management (expected to graduation in Dec 2018), 3 years of student council experiences and 3 years of business experiences.  


  • Oct06
    Dress Down Day
  • Oct09
    Term 2A Begins
  • Oct11
    Parent Teacher Conferences

    October 11-12

  • Oct12
    Board Meeting
  • Oct19
    Fall Break

    October 19-20

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