A Day at school

We hope you visit us! You wouldn't recognize much that looked like an average district school. Our bold ideas about learning will definitely catch your eye when you walk through our doors.

Our August-May school year is split into four terms, with June open as an optional fifth term. We follow an A/B schedule with Discovery Days on Fridays. Discovery Days are fresh every week with assemblies, fairs, performances, and class projects. Each term, our students have the opportunity each to choose from a variety of Engage classes. A student's day is filled with kinetic movement and intellectual variety.

Families may choose drop-off and pick-up times to suit their schedule. Choose a 15 minute increment between 7:30 - 10:30 AM for drop-off, while the pick-up window is 2:30 - 5:30 PM. Students must attend for at least 6.5 hours a day.

All students in grades 1-6 have a unique schedule like the one below.

Sample Student Schedule 
arrival 8:30, pick-up 2:30
A day (Monday & Wednesday)B day (Tuesday & Thursday)
8:30 amArt8:30Math
9:15 amFoxDen9:15Literacy
1:00Social Science1:00Drama


Most schools have one classroom per teacher, right? Instead, we have one large classroom per grade level. Each Homeroom contains a computer lab. The Homeroom is shared by the whole team of grade level teachers, whom we call Mentor teachers. Each Mentor Teacher is in charge of their own class of students. They communicate with parents, design student schedules, track student progress in digital curriculum, and offer motivation, discipline, and individualized teaching. Mentor Teachers are aided by Academic Coaches, so there are at least two teachers in a Homeroom for each class. 

The homeroom is where two important parts of a student's schedule takes place: Foundations and FoxDen. A daily 90-minute period, Foundations is the core of every student's day. They have whole-class meetings and independently work on digital math and literacy curriculum. Each student has a FoxDen, a small group of students who meet twice a week in Homeroom. Mentor Teachers teach one-on-one or in small groups, and they also conduct interviews with students once a week to discuss recent progress, successes, and struggles.



Most of your student's day is attending Engage classes. These are subject classes, much like a middle or high school. We provide a wide variety of Engage classes:

ScienceSocial Science
ITother seasonal classes

Engage Teachers design new courses each term to cover Utah Core standards and create cross-disciplinary activities. Student schedules are decided by Mentor Teachers with parent and student input. We do our best to give every student their top picks!


In the center of our building is STEMRec, or STEM Recreation, which you will surely notice it when you visit. STEMRec is a huge space full of activities. Take the slide from upstairs or climb in the big play structure. Visit the Discovery Garden to learn about and handle animals like bearded dragons, rats, beta fish, turtles, and more. Experiment with our TopoBox sandbox or Osmo iPads. Build with the LEGO tables, maker station, or construction toys. Plus there are always games, art projects, and weekly challenges. This is a room for play, discovery, invention, and cooperation. Every student has a period in STEMRec everyday.


  • Jun20
    Board Meeting
  • Jun28
    Last Day of June Term
  • Jul11
    Board Meeting
  • Jul29
    Professional Development (No School)

    July 29-August 2

  • Aug05
    Teacher Work Day (No School)
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