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education should
fit the child,

not the other way around.

We offer a unique and innovative experience for students in grades K-6, focused on exploration and play. We are a free public charter school in bustling Vineyard, Utah. Instead of the typical take-it-or-leave-it approach where families are expected to revolve around school policies, we put students and families in the center of our model.

5 reasons to love

Franklin Discovery Academy



Choose your classes

We have dozens of project-based subject classes: Math, Science, Social Science, Art, Music, Literacy, Reading, Drama, Jobs, Computer Science, and many other seasonal classes. Parents and teachers work together to make a well-rounded schedules every term.

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Flexible scheduling

We know every family has a unique schedule. Families choose when to drop off and pick up their students each day. And when emergencies come up, you can take time off without worrying.

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reading is a life skill

No matter what our students move on to do, reading will take them there. We know the best way to prepare our students for life, not just middle school, is to prepare them as readers. We offer both literacy and reading classes on top of our foundations curriculum.

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No Homework

Spend your evenings how you see fit. Other than asking parents to read with their children, we will never send home assignments: no math problems, no worksheets. No nightly homework battles!

our vision


learn by play

Each child has a driving curiosity about the world around them. We commit to make a school that promotes that strength instead of discouraging it. Our students will experience the joy of discovery and learning.

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  • Jul18
    Board Meeting
  • Jul29
    Professional Development (No School)

    July 29-August 2

  • Aug05
    Teacher Work Day (No School)
  • Aug06
    Discovery Week

    August 6-9

  • Aug08
    Board Meeting
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