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Franklin Discovery Academy is available to rent, all or part!

Franklin Discovery Academy is available to rent, all or part! Fees per hour with a minimum of two hours. Allow at least 30 minutes for set-up and another 30 minutes for clean-up. All rentals are non-exclusive unless the entire facility is rented. Our building may be rented on non-school days from 8 am - 10:30 pm. On school days, rental is available from 6 pm - 10:30 pm. Holiday and Sunday rentals are subject to the availability of our facilities staff. Class 2 includes non-profit organizations, public entities and governments.

A cleaning deposit of $150 is required for all non-school use rentals. The deposit will be returned in full if the building does not require janitorial services after your event.

 School Use Class 2 General Use For Profit
Entire Exclusive Use of Facility no fee* $100 $120$225
Gym and Stage  no fee* $45 $85$125
Gym, Stage, and STEMRec no fee* $70 $100$175
STEMRec no fee* $40 $85$100
Lab Classroom or Conference Room no fee* $25 $45$75
Technician or Host (each) no fee* $25 $25$40
Homeroom Classroom no fee* $45 $55$85
South outside play area no fee* $40 $55$85
Parking Lot for Outside Activity no fee* $35 $50$75
Kitchen (add on to Gym rental)
 no fee* $20 $25$45
Kitchen (stand-alone) no fee* $35 $45$85

*No fees for school use (FSO, clubs, etc) will be assessed unless the use requires clean-up.

To inquire about availability, please call us at 801-785-6500 or email us at


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    Teacher Work Day (No School)
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