Jenn Price

My interest in founding a school began around age 11 with a field trip to the Getty Museum. I remember feeling like I was being introduced to a whole new world. I regretted that our school didn’t take us more places and began mulling on ideas for what I thought schools should be like. Before hitting junior high, I had already started keeping a file folder of ideas. Another key moment was reading Ben Franklin’s autobiography. I was struck by how much more capable children are to learn than what they are often given credit. My love for travel, and belief in its ability to be the best classroom, began with a semester spent in Australia as an exchange student.

Now with my own two kids, they motivated me to put the time and effort into starting a school that would foster their sense of wonder and curiosity.  Starting Franklin Discovery has been a challenging, but very rewarding experience. We’ve had highs and lows, but in the end, the time and stress of opening the school has been confirmed worth it to me every time a parent tells me how grateful they are for the school and the difference it has made for them and their family.  I got to experience a moment like that myself when I told my first grader he could stay home from school because he was sick. He had the sniffles like every other first grader at the beginning of the year and wasn’t so sick he’d put others at risk, but after telling him I’d keep him home, he started crying and said he wanted to go to school.  I told him he could choose to go or choose to stay home. He chose to go to school.

Qualifications: MBA, MS in Instructional Psychology and Technology, 20 years of business experience.  PhD candidate (ABD status) in IP&T.